Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Old. Comfort.

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Monki skirt, Muji socks, Birkenstock sandals, H&M snood, bag & tights, Choies jumper (c/o)

Oh! It is Birkenstock plus socks combo. Love or hate?

I was used to be one of the Birkenstock disliker. But as I am getting older (I feel olddd and numbbb), I am more attracted to comfy things, including sneakers, sweatpants and skirt (Yes! Wearing skirt allow good ventilation for the bottom. Chaps, let's join the ladies! ).

By the way, time flies! It is nearly 5 years since I brought this snood.


噢!是 Birkenstock 加襪的配搭。喜歡還是討厭?

我曾經都是其中一個 Birkenstock 的 disliker。但隨着自己越來越老 (我現在感覺很老老老和呆呆呆滯),越是被舒服的東西吸引,包括運動鞋、運動褲和裙 (是啊!穿裙可以讓下身保持空氣流通,感覺良好。兄弟,你也加入吧!)。


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  1. Oh I love this combination. ♥ Oh I noticed that on myself too that when you get older you choose more comfy things ( skirts and dresses are the most comfortable things though. ;) .

  2. not a fan of this combo but i love your jumper and tights!

  3. this combo is super cute, i don't care what anybody says otherwise! you look great.

  4. oh my god my dear youhave such a lovely imagination!! i love it!! new follower, follow me??
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  5. my first reaction was actually "it's socks with sandals but it doesn't look like a sin???? how???" i'm still really confused. such a great outfit<3

  6. I love your look, your skirt, everything but I don't understand. Why don't you show yourself on the pictures ? I'm sure it would complete the perfect outfit with seeing a really cute face on it :)

    Anyway I love your blog <3

  7. I looove Birkenstock sandals and I'm going to buy a pair:D

  8. The last picture is so cute hehe I like the combination, very nice colours :3